Water and Sewer

With comprehensive accreditation, KFW has extensive expertise in the design, management and installation of Sydney Water infrastructure for your development. Having over 50 years of collective experience with Sydney Water projects, our team is well versed in delivering all functions and services their full geographic area of operations.

Our Sydney Water accreditation includes:

Site Category Site Category Description
S-W1 Water Reticulation DN100-375
S-S1 Wastewater Reticulation DN150-300
S-RW Recycled Water DN65-375
S-LP Pressure Sewer Systems
S-W2 Water Supply DN >375-750
S-S2 Wastewater collection DN >375-750
S-SW Stormwater
Design Design Category Description
D-W1 Water Reticulation DN100-375
D-S1 Wastewater Reticulation DN150-300
D-RW Recycled Water DN65-375
D-LP Pressure Sewer Systems
D-W2 Water Supply DN >375-750
D-S2 Wastewater collection DN >375-750
Tap in™ Applications
Section 73 Applications
Building Plan Approvals
Low Pressure Sewer onsite property equipment
Water and Sewer adjustments
Water and Sewer extensions
Water Reticulation Mains
Sewer Gravity Mains
Pressure Service Rising Mains
Low Pressure Reticulation
Creek Crossings
Concrete Encasements
Main to Meter
Minor Sewer Works