Civil Engineering

Our highly skilled Civil Designers and Engineers are adept at delivering creative land development solutions, spanning subdivision design, flood studies, drainage design and traffic engineering. Our flexible resourcing approach allows us to tailor a team for your specific project needs, targeting the optimal design to maximise your asset performance.

We specialise in the following civil design areas:

  • Earthworks design and volume calculation
  • Dam and waterway designs
  • Car Park design
  • Turning Movements and Geometrical design of difficult layouts
  • Feasibility Studies and advice
  • Low and Medium Density Residential Land Development
  • Commercial, Industrial and Mixed- Use Development Precincts
  • Road and Intersection Design (Local Authority and RMS)
  • Utilities Infrastructure Coordination
  • Water Quality and Stormwater Management
  • Flood Modelling
  • Bulk Earthworks and Cut/Fill Analysis


KFW offers the full survey spectrum, utilising an advanced and evolving suite of instruments and software. A number of survey parties can be dedicated to your project, and overseen by Registered Surveyors to ensure our meticulous professional and legal standards are met. Our detail-oriented team is fully versed in applying current legislative standards, using a range of compliance techniques.

We offer the following specialist surveys:

  • Cadastral land survey
  • Engineering surveys
  • Mapping surveys
  • Geodetic surveys
  • Property Council of Australia Surveys
  • Survey Drafting

Water and Sewer

With comprehensive accreditation, KFW has extensive expertise in the design, management and installation of Sydney Water infrastructure for your development. Having over 50 years of collective experience with Sydney Water projects, our team is well versed in delivering all functions and services their full geographic area of operations.

Our Sydney Water accreditation includes:

Site Category Site Category Description
S-W1 Water Reticulation DN100-375
S-S1 Wastewater Reticulation DN150-300
S-RW Recycled Water DN65-375
S-LP Pressure Sewer Systems
S-W2 Water Supply DN >375-750
S-S2 Wastewater collection DN >375-750
S-SW Stormwater
Design Design Category Description
D-W1 Water Reticulation DN100-375
D-S1 Wastewater Reticulation DN150-300
D-RW Recycled Water DN65-375
D-LP Pressure Sewer Systems
D-W2 Water Supply DN >375-750
D-S2 Wastewater collection DN >375-750
Tap in™ Applications
Section 73 Applications
Building Plan Approvals
Low Pressure Sewer onsite property equipment
Water and Sewer adjustments
Water and Sewer extensions
Water Reticulation Mains
Sewer Gravity Mains
Pressure Service Rising Mains
Low Pressure Reticulation
Creek Crossings
Concrete Encasements
Main to Meter
Minor Sewer Works

Project Management

Our multidisciplinary skills allow us to apply a broad gamut of engineering expertise to steer your project. Our approach to Project Management is dual – pragmatic and creative. From inception to completion, we evaluate your project realistically, highlighting issues and constraints and aiming to uncover clever workarounds. We deliver on what we promise, on budget, on time.

Our PM team handles all critical functions:

  • Project Definition & Risk Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Authority Approvals
  • Utility Strategy & Coordination
  • Project Programming & Progress Reporting
  • Cost Forecast & Budget Control
  • Sub-Consultant Management
  • Infrastructure Delivery

Structural Engineering

The KFW structural engineering team provides exceptional structural analysis and design services, with an eye for innovation and cost optimisation. Using the best in CAD drafting software and closely collaborating with our survey and civil teams, we continually strive for clever design, articulated in easy-to-interpret drawings and plans.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Energy
  • Mining
  • Infrastructure

Our Accreditation

As part of our commitment to providing a high calibre and progressive consultancy service, we choose to operate under a third party-accredited Integrated Management System (IMS). This is important to us in ensuring that we continually challenge ourselves as a business to be forward-thinking and adaptive, adopting new technologies and enhancing processes to better service our clients. We pride ourselves on our environmental and social responsibility, and the IMS helps guide this essential role of stewardship.

Our IMS Accreditation standards:

AS/NZS ISO9001:2016 – Quality Management
NSW Government WHS Management System
AS/NZS ISO 14001:2016 – Environmental Management System

Externally auditor and certifier: Global-Mark, a JAS/ANZ accredited organisation
Copies of our current certifications are available on request

Our IMS Systems Manager charter:

Ensuring that the IMS is properly implemented, audited and certified
Monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of the IMS
Development and continual improvement to best suit our clients and the company