Project Description

Alkira Estate, Shone Avenue – West Dapto Urban Release Area

West Dapto Urban Release Area is a future residential area south west of Wollongong and has recently been re-zoned to cater for both residential and industrial development and the supporting infrastructure. KFW have completed a neighbourhood plan for a residential development off Shone Avenue, Horsley. The adoption of a neighbourhood plan is required prior to any development consents being approved. The plan has been submitted to Wollongong City Council and has been agreed to at the July 2011 Council meeting. The neighbourhood plan will facilitate the creation of 157 residential lots.

The site requires the creation of a riparian corridor adjacent to Robins Creek. This corridor provides for passive recreation by means of a cycle way link away from the busy streets and includes a pond which caters for both on-site detention and water quality. The cycle way acts as a buffer to water quality pond and draws attention to the aesthetic and environmental value of the space .

Traffic planning restricted vehicle access onto existing main roads, however the future residence will address these streets with vehicle access being provided from smaller streets at the rear. It was important to design these local area access streets so they didn’t become small dark lanes creating security issues.

KFW is the project consultant and project surveyor for Grindley Properties Pty Ltd. Our role is to provide project co-ordination and management, subdivision layout planning, civil and traffic engineering design, sewer and water design, supervision of works and survey for subdivision, easements and as built infrastructure.

The project is nearing construction certificate issue with works due to commence later in 2012.

Client: Grindley Properties Pty Ltd.