An icon on the Port Kembla sky line was befallen before our eyes at 11.14am on February 20th. The icon I refer to is the ERS chimney or commonly known locally as “The Stack”.

For us Illawarra Surveyors this event, unknown to the average punter out there in the general public, also has provided us with a great lose. The lose being the elimination of TS10136 (Port Kembla Chimney).

As a practising Surveyor in the Illawarra for the past 30 years, I, like many other local Surveyors have observed this monument from countless set ups, placed recoveries on line, checked azimuth, added information to hundreds if not thousands of field note pages with its reference noted. “The Stack” always gave us the opportunity to observe some obscure observing line from all parts of the district, Kiama – Stanwell Tops – Robertson – the coastal plain.

It was yet again another one of those control survey points from the legacy of the late Leon Treverrow, which in the Illawarra we have been blessed with, from his efforts in the 1960-1980’s. I feel sure Leon would be knowing of this missing monument, given his closeness to the area throughout his career.

I had the privilege to witness “The Stack” downfall, it was spectacular to say the least and appeared to land on the money as it hit the deck. I can safely say that when you now look to find the elusive backsight it is just not there anymore, such is progress.

– Craig Johnson