Planning Monthly Update 

Contributions Reform Moves Forward

Given the importance of contributions reform we’ve provide previous a series of updates on 30 November, 4 December, 12 & 25 March and 30 August. Whilst we continue to expect there to be delays to the implementation of the new system (slated for July 2022) we understand that the reforms will be exhibited in October 2021. Expect a comprehensive package of documents and a series of webinars hosted by DPIE to assist you in making your submission on the broadest reform of the contributions system since its inception in 1979. We’ll keep you informed of any further movements through this update.

ICAC Investigation into Planning System

The Minister for Planning and Public Spaces Rob Stokes has released a joint action plan to combat corruption in Councils through misuse of the planning system. Recommendations made by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) will be acted upon by the NSW Government and include the following:

  • Audit compliance to be established with Gateway Determination conditions for rezoning proposals;
  • Examine opportunities for alternative methodologies to calculate fees associated with local development applications other than estimated cost of works;
  • Practice note or guidance to be provided on Councils obtaining specialist advice about planning matters;
  • Examining the appropriateness of capital investment value as a metric for planning applications and pathways; and
  • Developing a new risk-based monitoring framework, using data from the NSW Planning Portal, to ensure misuse is more easily detected.

For further information on the steps taken to protect local government and the planning system against corruption click here:

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Manager Planning & Development Strategy, Nathan Croft on 0419 845 089 or at

Construction Urban Monthly Update 

Removal of 50% Worker Cap on Construction Sites

NSW Government announced on 21 September 2021 that from Monday 27 September 2021, the 50% construction cap will be lifted. This includes sites within Local Government Areas (LGAs) of concern. No other orders will change. The removal of the cap will assist the construction industry returning to full capacity. With housing supply particularly in regional areas of NSW at a critical low, the industry will need to dig deep to meet the state government’s target of 42,000 new homes per year which is required to handle future demand.

Stockland Restocks Growth Corridor Pipeline

Stockland is expanding its landholding within Marsden Park by acquiring Clydesdale estate from BHL Group. The expansion will provide greater opportunities for affordable living and further benefits to the Elara Community. Stockland’s latest pipeline addition builds on its acquisition earlier this year of the undeveloped portion of The Gables estate, Box Hill, from Celestino Developments. It plans to deliver 1900 dwellings over the life of the project. Great projects, great clients.

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Infrastructure & Industrial Delivery Monthly Update 

$139 Million for Investment into Western Sydney Infrastructure

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment has given Eight Western Sydney Councils an opportunity to apply for round two of the Accelerated Infrastructure Funding (AIF) with $139 million made available to Blacktown, The Hills, Hawkesbury, Penrith, Liverpool, Camden, Campbelltown and Wollondilly Local Government Areas (LGAs).

The investment into Western Sydney infrastructure is a means of supporting economic recovery from the pandemic and providing key infrastructure to facilitate key growth areas within Western Sydney. It is expected that there will be 20,000 plus new greenfield homes across the Eight LGAs over the next five years.

Councils will be allocated funding according to anticipated growth in each LGA, the amount of development the funding will support and the amount of co-funding that councils can provide. All projects must commence construction within two years to qualify for funding.

Project nominations are now open and councils will need to apply by 31 October 2021 to be considered.

Sydney has more than a third of Australian Space startup companies.

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Infrastructure & Industrial Design Monthly Update 

It is not often we get to write an article about one of favourite snacks, chips, and still have it related to work. It was good to see Snack Brands Australia lodge plans to expand their current warehouse and distribution facility at Orchards Hills. This State Significant Development would see an expansion of 27,385 sqm. The space will be utilised for Office space, storage and parking.

With a strong team of designers that have delivered alot of warehouse pads we are ever willing to assist with any design requirements. Whilst we are not cheap as chips, the quality and smarts we bring to any project are evident from our long standing Client base of repeat business. We also may be divided in our favourite choice of chips but rest assured when it comes to our work we all pull together to get the job done.

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Project Management Monthly Update

Outer Sydney Orbital Stage Two – Appin Road

The preferred corridor option for Outer Sydney Orbital Stage Two – Appin Road has been announced by Transport for NSW. The key route will connect Greater Macarthur to the Western Sydney Aerotropolis and the Illawarra-Shoalhaven ensuring minimal to impact to koala habitats and aboriginal sites of significance. The option was selected following extensive public consultation in 2020/2021, after it was narrowed down to two key options. With an ever-growing community in the Greater Macarthur Area it’s important that convenient connections are provided to support more transport options and ongoing urban development within the area.

For full details on the preferred corridor please refer the following link:

The Hills Shire Council amendment to Secondary Dwellings

The Hills Local Environment Plan (LEP) has been amended to include a provision that specifies that the permitted size of secondary dwellings (in rural zones) is 110m² or 20 per cent of the total floor area of the principal dwelling, whichever is the greater. The changes to the LEP are a win for the local community, providing opportunity and flexibility for residents to remain close to their families with construction of sizeable dwellings. The amendment applies to rural zoned land where secondary dwellings are already permitted with consent.

Further details can be found here:

Western Sydney National Park

Shane’s Park situated between Penrith and Windsor is home to 500Ha of uninhabited bushland and has been selected to be one of the largest new national parks in Western Sydney in over a decade.

The proposed national park will be free of feral predators with special perimeter fencing being established and will begin construction in the next 3 months. Some 30 locally extinct species will be reintroduced into the conservation area including quolls, bandicoots and the green and golden bell frog. Boardwalks and walking trails will also be established as the Park becomes a tourist destination.

The park is expected to be open to the public early 2023.

For full details on the National Park please refer the following link:

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Water and Sewer Monthly Update 

Sydney Water have updated their BOA Guidelines

When will this be implemented?
The new Technical Guidelines – BOA can now be used. All applications from 1st December 2021 must follow latest guidelines and failure to do so will result in rejection and rework.

The latest version of the Technical Guidelines – Building over and adjacent to pipe assets (BOA) is now available on Sydney Water web page webpage.

What are the changes and what do I need to do?
Users should familiarise themselves with the document and be aware of the key changes as listed below.
Main areas of change

  • More than one diagram may apply to situations – Where works do not fall under situations shown or where directed by the Guidelines, an SEA will be required.
  • Included figures to show zone of influence (ZOI) for maintenance structures (MHs typical) and encased pipes.
  • Included section for clearances between underground services and situations where above ground clearance is required
  • The existing table of clearances between underground services on our website is superseded by the table within the BOA Guidelines.
  • The table in the Guidelines does not include clearances between water and sewer pipes and other water and sewer pipes. Providers of those services would be following our Water and Sewerage Codes that include that information.
  • Provided further clarification that clearances for encased pipe are from the nearest relevant face of the encasement.
  • Provided further clarification on what assets cannot be built over, including wastewater (sewer) maintenance structures and wastewater (sewer) property connection points.
  • Provided further clarification on what is considered a lightweight structure.
  • Treated rain gardens the same as absorption trenches.
  • In “building over” situations where cover to sewer is greater than 2.5 m, mandated CCTV of sewers, and rehabilitation where necessary i.e. not just where pipe might be suspected to be in a deteriorated state.
  • Introduced ZOI for future excavation of sewers in building adjacent situations:
  • Domestic swimming pools / water tanks.
  • Building foundation below the ZOI (new diagram).
  • Building foundations on piles (new diagram).

We have provided further clarifications to address matters that often arise. These are:

  • protection of our assets and access for operations and maintenance purposes is required whether there is an easement or not.
  • what “building works” are, and the need to consider impacts of future excavation to our asset or possible failure of our asset.
  • “free and full access’”.
  • where replacement of pipe is required for maintenance-free concrete encasement.

To discuss any of the above in greater detail please contact our Manager Water & Sewer/Water Service Coordinator, Andrew Purnell on 0438 428 890 or at

Survey Monthly Update 

Changes to Land Title System 

On 11 October 2021, new changes to the land titles system in NSW will be introduced that will transition NSW away from paper-based processes.  For more information, please follow this link below:

Abolition of Certificates of Title | Registrar General (

Digital Survey Plans

Consultation on the transition from paper to digital survey plans in NSW is closing soon. All Surveyors have been encouraged to provide a submission or complete the online survey to ensure the transition to digital survey plans is a success.

A digital system will streamline the current process, reduce errors on plans, and improve transparency for many stakeholders involved. The benefits include improvements in quality, allowing people to settle on and move into their new homes sooner, and more user-friendly information on property boundaries.

Submissions close on 30 September 2021 to ensure a successful transition to digital plans in NSW.

You can download the paper by clicking the link below:

Transitioning from paper to digital survey plans (

Strata Plan Tips and Reminders

To assist in the preparation of strata plans, NSW LRS are providing some helpful tips and reminders on various strata plan scenarios and components in which they are seeing an increase in inquiries and lodgements.

For more information, please follow this link below:

Strata_Plan_Tips_and_Reminders_No._1.pdf (

To discuss any of the above in greater detail please contact our Surveying Manager, Kevin Pritchard on 0438 428 904 or at