Each month we like to provide our valued clients with an update on what is going on across the industry. What with coming out of lock-down and with Christmas fast approaching there is certainly a lot happening!


Land and Environment Court Update
The LEC has appointed five Acting Commissioners bringing the total to 19 Acting Commissioners, 9 Commissioners and 6 judges. The LEC will recommence physical hearings on 1 November for fully vaccinated attendees and is planned will reopen to all attendees on 1 December.

Western Sydney Aerotropolis

The NSW Government has released further documents related to the planning for the Aerotropolis. The documents are in part a response to significant concern from the development industry and community however they are also in part the natural progression of planning for the Aerotropolis. The documents are on public exhibition now until 8 November. As DPIE expects to finalise these planning elements before the end of 2021, if you have interests in the Aerotropolis or are currently looking into acquisitions in this area, we strongly recommend reviewing the exhibition package and making a submission.

Contributions Reform Moves Forward

Given the importance of contributions reform we’ve provide previous a series of updates on 30 November, 4 December, 12 & 25 March, 30 August and 29 September. The reforms are now on exhibition period, and we will issue a separate client update regarding the reforms.

Draft Housing SEPP

The Housing SEPP was expected to be finalised in October 2021 however we are yet to see any movement on this. Given the implications for seniors housing in particular and more broadly housing supply we’re keenly watching this Draft SEPP. Future amendments to the existing provisions within the Caravan Parks and Manufactured Home SEPPs remain unknown and are also of interest.

To discuss any of the above in greater detail please contact our Manager Planning & Development Strategy, Nathan Croft on 0419 845 089 or at nathan.croft@orionconsulting.com.au.


Hydrogen Strategy – $80 Billion Investment by NSW Government

Hydrogen is becoming a popular energy source in efforts to decarbonise industries across NSW. With the greatest challenge for hydrogen being cost production, Government is keen to incentivise industries for taking on green hydrogen NSW. We have seen interest from developers like Celestino with their 287ha greenfield site in Luddenham as a potential future Hydrogen Hub which ultimately will provide incentives for future businesses and the commercial and residential industries as a whole.

$183 Million Investment for Social Housing

NSW Government is dedicated to fast-track more than 1,400 new homes in Western Sydney, Coffs Harbour and Wagga Wagga with local businesses to be used for these projects. This investment is aimed to create jobs in the construction industry and increase supply of social and affordable housing to assist with those people who need it most.

To discuss any of the above in greater detail please contact our Construction Manager (Urban), Chris Suarez on 0447 493 345 or at chris.suarez@orionconsulting.com.au.

Infrastructure & Industrial  

Logos Consortium Purchase of Qantas Mascot Land

Asia Pacific logistics company Logos has partnered up with Australia Super to acquire a 14ha parcel of land from Qantas at Mascot, forming an $800 million plus deal to build a state of the art four level logistics, e-commerce and last-mile logistics hub. The agreement also includes a long-term sale and lease back to Qantas’ 21,795m2 distribution centre and an additional three development sites with a grand total of 98,645m2 next to the Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport Precinct.

The transaction is due to be completed in December, with the expectation that the consortium will then file plans for the development of the last-mile logistics hub. This agreement adds to Logos and Australia Super’s recent purchase of the Moorebank Logistics Park in July 2021 as part of a joint consortium venture.

To discuss any of the above in greater detail please contact our Delivery Manager – Infrastructure and Industrial, Mina Fahmy on 0409 088 545 or at mina.fahmy@orionconsulting.com.au.

With the release of the Parkes Special Activation Precinct Delivery Plan (Stage 1) earlier this month it was good to see that early works are well underway by Fulton Hogan to achieve the vision set out in the Plan. Parkes is ideally situated, from a rail logistics position, in that it lies at the junction of 2 rail routes, the Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail and Sydney to Perth Trans-Australian Railway. The Sydney to Perth route also intersects a connection point that links Adelaide to Darwin which connects all our major cities together.

Orion Consulting now has an established presence in the Central West and with all the upcoming work in the Central West region, is now well placed to assist with design and management of the anticipated growth in the Regional Enterprise sub-precincts and Intermodal and rail terminal facility area to name a few of the upcoming sub specialised precincts. Also, with our 2 distinct Urban and Industrial & Infrastructure Business units we have enough specialists to cater for all your project needs in the Central West Region.

Give our team a call today and challenge us to make a difference to your project.

To discuss any of the above in greater detail please contact our Principal Designer – Infrastructure and Industrial, Mark Marsic on 0436 334 553 or at mark.marsic@orionconsulting.com.au.


This month we saw drone delivery company Wing celebrate it’s 100,000th delivery and are reminded at how fast drone technology is advancing. Whilst we are long past the days of delivering multiple copies of plans to Council (which would have made drone deliveries exciting for us) we do still see hand signatures on Contracts still common, which certainly gets us thinking. How much paper can a drone carry? With all the conditions, annexures, attachments, and schedules in each contract (two executed copies of course) we might as well see if they can carry 2 reams of paper!

None the less drone technology, and by the same token digital technology, is advancing at an exciting pace as we find new ways to push ourselves to continue to give our clients to visualise their developments. The use of our VR technology provides our clients with the opportunity to do a virtual walkthrough of their developments to better visualise the impact of slope or retaining on the site, or how the landscape design may best accentuate the site.

If you are interested how we can give your site the digital touch please contact our friendly staff at (02) 8660 0035 or info@orionconsulting.com.au.

Project Management 

Proposal for Flood Mitigation on Exhibition by NSW Government
The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed Warragamba Dam Raising Project for flood mitigation is on public exhibition, having commenced on the 29 September 2021, and closing on the 12 November 2021.

This move by the NSW Government cements a clear strategy to reduce the flood risk in the Hawkesbury Nepean Valley and improve evacuation infrastructure, unlocking the development potential in the north-west, including areas of Penrith CBD, Schofields West, and Marsden Park North.

The EIS for the proposed dam wall raising must address the current issues associated with the historically flood plagued north-west and needs to establish a comprehensive solution to unfreeze rezonings in the Precinct accounting for 47% of new detached housing in Sydney.

More information on the proposed project can be found in the dedicated web portal: https://caportal.com.au/wnsw/wd

If you have any questions or maintain an invested interest with the flood issues in the north-west, contact our team of engineering and planning professionals to see how we can assist with your future developments in this area.

Trees to Cool One of Sydney’s Hottest Suburbs
A trial project will see 2000 trees planted in on of Sydney’s hottest suburbs, as part of an initiative informed by new research from the NSW Government. The south-west Sydney suburb of Rosemeadow will serve as the trial site for the mass planting exercise due to the minimal existing canopy cover of just six per cent, which has resulted in greater impact by the urban heat island effect.

The research informing this trial has been made available to councils across NSW for their consideration in tree canopy cover and stormwater management. To encourage best practice in urban greening, the NSW Government is making three reports that detail the methodology of the Rosemeadow project available to councils to replicate for tree plantings on streets, reserves and in open spaces.

We are looking forward to the results of this trial and are keen to review and understand any implications this may have on your developments in the future.

To discuss any of the above in greater detail please contact our Manager – Projects, Joshua Pineda on 0477 444 702 or at Joshua.pineda@orionconsulting.com.au.


NSW Land Registry Services has worked closely with Surveyors, Conveyancers and Legal practitioners during the last year as the NSW property industry underwent a major digital transformation during Covid-19.

•    NSW LRS has partnered with industry to implement the Government’s reform to cease paper certificates of title and we have worked closely with stakeholders to implement the shift to 100% eConveyancing in NSW
•    NSW LRS launched the first stage of our new Online Portal, NSW LRS Connect, for the Surveying industry. These new digital forms reduce data duplication and requisitions for Surveyors by validating information against the NSW land register.
•    NSW LRS launched and facilitated electronic lodgment during the Covid-19 pandemic, supporting and assisting customers with new procedures.

Improving customer satisfaction in our information, procedures, products, and user experience is a priority for NSW LRS. Each year NSW LRS asks its customers to provide their feedback via a short survey. You can complete the survey until 29 October 2021 by clicking HERE.

Find out more 

Getting in touch with NSW Land Registry Services is easy. Call us on (02) 8776 3575, contact us online or visit www.nswlrs.com.au.

The NSW Government is pleased to announce the proclamation of the Community Land Management Act 2021 and Community Land Development Act 2021, and the publication of their respective Regulations.

The new laws will commence all together on 1 December 2021.

The new laws will changes modernise and simplify the development process of community schemes within NSW. The reforms provide more flexibility in dealing with association property, improve dispute resolution, enhance accountability and transparency, modernise communication and procedures, and provide a more effective trigger to end the ‘initial period’ – which is the development phase of a scheme.

These reforms align the community schemes legislation with the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 and the Strata Schemes Development Act 2015 for much-needed consistency, while accounting for important differences between strata and community title.

The NSW Government thanks all its members of the community lands sector who helped shape the reforms by submitting feedback on the NSW Government’s Have Your Say website or by meeting with them directly.

The new laws are published on the NSW Legislation website as follows:
Community Land Development Act 2021
Community Land Development Regulation 2021
Community Land Management Act 2021
Community Land Management Regulation 2021

For more information contact communityscheme@customerservice.nsw.gov.au.

To discuss any of the above in greater detail please contact our Surveying Manager, Kevin Pritchard on 0438 428 904 or at Kevin.Pritchard@kfw.net.au.