KFW's Survey division undertakes all aspects of project field work, data operations, presentation, customer service and delivery. A full list of our services are as follows:
Land Subdivision
  • Urban and Rural.
  • Strata and Stratum.
  • Community Title.
Cadastral Survey
  • Property boundary and identification reports.
  • Boundary redefinition, creating plans for title conversion and registration as Deposited Plans.
  • Acquisition surveys for road opening/closure and government property.
  • Easements for servicing and infrastructure.
  • Leaseholds and tenancy area determinations.
  • Preparation of 88B instruments (NSW Conveyancing Act) for easement creation.
Topographic Surveys
  • Detail and contour surveys for land development.
  • Digital Terrain modeling.
  • Civil engineering set out, specialising in land development projects
  • Building and construction, high rise building, residential dwellings, commercial and industrial premises
  • Volumetric measurement and reporting
  • Work as executed and completion survey measurement and reporting
  • Geotechnical location measurement (bore hole, test pits and terrain modeling)
Energy Sector Surveys
  • Profile surveys of existing powerlines for redesign purposes.
  • Large scale topographical surveys to accomodate underground power design.
  • Accurate projections of existing electrical equipment within live power stations.