Retirement News

On Monday, 17 March 2014, a retirement luncheon was held for Ingrid Vanderburg, at The Lagoon Seafood Restaurant, Wollongong. Ingrid retired from KFW after 34 years of service. The Directors organised a delicious seafood feast for Ingrid and some of her work colleagues whom she had worked closely with during that 34 year period, including Ingrid's former employer and former Director of KFW, Frank Collaery.

Over the years, Ingrid has seen many changes to the company. Ingrid was involved when the company moved from its former premises in Rosemont Street to its present premises in Auburn Street. Ingrid has drawn thousands of plans during her employment at KFW such as subdivision plans, works as executed plans, identification surveys, detail and contour surveys, deposited plans and strata plans. She has seen many changes in technology over the years, working initially with hand drawn plans where Ingrid would have to do a lot of the calculations herself, then progressing through to the drawing of plans by computer where the calculations were completed on computer.

Ingrid's commitment and dedication to her work and employers has been exemplary and should be viewed as an effort to be respected and admired. She has provided to the rest of her work colleagues an example of an outstanding employee and role model. Ingrid's experience with the preparation of cadastral plans has always proven to be "right" and one should always be sure before any questioning is considered for reviews, as indubitably she would remind you. She will be missed by all.

All the best with your retirement, Ingrid, from all of us!

Ingrid Vanderburg seated at her Retirement Luncheon at The Lagoon Seafood Restaurant, Wollongong, with Daryl Bengson, another long standing employee having 42 years service with KFW. Pictured standing are Directors, Craig Johnson, Peter Harding and Mike Aplin

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