Park Grove - Botany

Parkgrove is a high density residential development in Mascot which will transform a former industrial site into a vibrant residential precinct.
As the site is within a flood prone area, the City of Botany Bay Council required the developer, Toplace, to demonstrate how the development could occur without adversely affecting the existing flood behaviour.

KFW applied the 2D Flood Modelling software package, TUFLOW, to the site in order to determine the impact of the development on the adjoining land.

TUFLOW computes the depth, speed and direction of flood water.

The graphic output provides easy and rapid comparison of pre-development and post-development flood levels thereby facilitating development of flood mitigation measures and strategies.

Construction is currently underway on the first two stages and construction for Stage 3 will commence soon.
Flood Depth: Pre-developmentFlood Depth: Post Development

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