2010 AITPM – Back to Basics 6 & Stormwater 2010 – First National Conference of the SIA

At KFW, we are actively involved in the latest technical seminars and conferences of the industry. It enables us to make first-hand contact with the latest technology and industry experts and helps us to provide better services to our clients. It has also provided us with excellent networking opportunities with professionals from other organisations.

In November, we have attended two major industry seminars/conferences, 2010 AITPM NSW Technical Seminar - BACK TO BASICS 6 and the First National Conference of the SIA - Stormwater 2010.

The one-day AITPM seminar has provided the Traffic Industry latest updates on the NSW Road Design Guidelines, Road Safety & Traffic Signals, Street Lighting & Traffic Signals and Multi-Model Analysis & Planning aspects.

The Stormwater 2010 has attracted more than 300 professionals both nationally and internationally to Sydney. It has provided us with the latest update in the area of Stormwater for Portable Use, Stormwater for Micro Climate Management and Stormwater for Communities, in the form of practical and skill based pre conference workshops, multi-stream conference sessions and technical tours.

Further information can be obtained from www.aitpm.com & www.stormwater.asn.au